About Me…

Hi there. For some reason you ended up on this page so i might as well put some information here.

I am a Dutch guy (from before the internet) with a passion for mixing.
All my live i have been playing with music/audio starting with my parents tape deck at the age of 10. Some years later we got our first Personal Computer. There were no sound cards available back then. You had to make them yourself. A little circuit called ‘kovox sound card’ needed to be soldered and connected to LPT1 printer port. It generated a nice 1 bit sound, that in combination with the lovely 5¼ floppy disk,.. lol i’m this old.

Fasttracker was my life. The problem back then was the memory issue.
There was only part of the RAM memory to be used. Later came the Soundblaster cards and Fasttracker would let you use the memory stored on the sound card. This was huge for the fact that you could use an acapella track over samples.

My ‘best’ mashup made on Fasttracker 2.08 was done back in 1999. Damn this thing is 20 years old. I was, like most of us back then on mIRC. DALnet Efnet you name it. As long as it got some Fserve’s i was there. Collecting music and sharing the goodies i’d found.
I had been working on a little mix containing Eminem and Rammstein.
Finalized it and while on a Eminem Fan’s Fserve i asked the guy if he wanted to have my mix in his collection. He agreed so i uploaded it with 14k4 kBit/s (MAX) to his computer. Years later i found out that for some reason it ended up on a Rammstein bootleg CD called ‘Muttertag’ as a bonus track. I was honored except the name of the track got renamed.

Rammstein Muttertag Bootleg

The original filename was :
’eminem vs rammstein feat south park kidz – my name is ( dsmuntz remix ).mp3′. I used some awesome samples from southpark (alien anal probe) for the ending of the mix. It didn’t came from the movie like mentioned on the Back of the CD.